Goodness of The Fellowship

The Fellowship  |  May 22, 2024

Elderly Holocaust survivor receives matzah and a Passover food box.
(Photo: Eran Boker)

“When I saw the matzah box you brought, I remembered my mother,” says this 85-year-old Holocaust survivor. We visit Maya on all the major Jewish holidays, like Passover, and visit her on regular days, too, to bring food and comfort.

Maya says she remembers the Holocaust, but it’s difficult to speak about because of all the painful memories. But what stands out as a happy memory will always be the thought of her mother. “My mother was my closest friend; the only person I could share my sorrows with. We had many secrets that only other Jews could understand, such as the celebration of Passover,” she says. She remembers having to celebrate the holiday in secret as a child when Jewish traditions weren’t allowed. But this is why a box of matzah on the holiday of Passover means so much.

So does the care we provide her year-round. She says:The situation in Israel right now is very difficult; we are all worried about our futures, the future of our country, and the lives of our soldiers. Right now, it’s hard for us all. However, I have it a little easier than others, because of The Fellowship.”

The Fellowship ensures Maya has groceries and enough medicine. She recently fell and broke her hip, so calls from Fellowship volunteers brighten her day. As food prices rise, Maya struggles to make ends meet, but she survives thanks to The Fellowship.

“I pray that God blesses all those who work at The Fellowship and all the donors who have us in their heart,” says Maya. “I believe that God is with me every step I take, and it is due to the goodness of The Fellowship’s donors that I am able to live in this world today. I admire and respect you all.”

You help people like Maya receive lifesaving basic needs, not only in Israel, but around the world.