Dreams and Plans in Israel

The Fellowship  |  June 27, 2024

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(Photo: Diego Galperin)

Carla says the war with Hamas dramatically increased the anti-Semitism on her college campus in France. “To be a Jew in France is dangerous,” she says. She explains how when she attended class in France, as a pro-Israel and Jewish student, she was harassed.

Carla dreams of becoming a doctor and is in medical school. And while she was initially enrolled in France, with the rising anti-Semitism, she decided to make aliyah with The Fellowship and study in Israel.

She’s also reuniting with her boyfriend, Aharon, who is a paratrooper IDF soldier in an elite force and who was stationed in Gaza at the start of the war. The separation while he was away at battle was difficult on both of them. Carla wanted to be closer to Aharon and be there waiting when he came home from the battlefields.

Thankfully, Carla did make aliyah and Aharon has since returned home from his service! The two have big dreams for their lives in Israel. “It was love at first sight,” says Carla. “As soon as my cousin introduced us, I knew I wanted him to be my husband.”

“Now that I’m a civilian, I’ll start studying, spending time with Carla, and building our future together. Of course, I’ll propose marriage to her very soon, that’s my dream,” Aharon declares. “Good, that’s exactly what I’m waiting for,” Carla laughs.

Thanks to you, they are finally home together in the Holy Land. And starting a new and exciting life in their biblical homeland, together!

As Israel continues to face war, as well as rising anti-Semitism around the world, your gift today will provide basic needs and lifesaving security for God’s children in need both in Israel and around the world.