Caring for Maya

The Fellowship  |  May 22, 2023

Maya, elderly Jewish woman from Ukraine, receiving care from The Fellowship during rocket attacks on Netivot, Israel, May 2023

One year ago, war forced 83-year-old Maya from her home in Ukraine. This Jewish grandmother fled the war-torn country with her wheelchair-bound husband and their young grandson. Safe in their biblical homeland, Israel, the family at last felt secure.

Now living in Netivot, Israel, the family again faced uncertainty recently terrorist rockets begin to fly from nearby Gaza. But despite the rockets, Maya told Fellowship volunteers who checked on her during the attacks, “I feel much safer in Israel than in Ukraine. Here we are taken care of—the IDF protects us, and The Fellowship helps us with food.

“Because of the constant barrage we didn’t have time to stock up on food, and you got to us just in time.” Yes, because of the care and love of friends like you, Maya and her family were cared for, their lives saved, just in time.

Your gift today will provide lifesaving care for the neediest of God’s people in Israel.

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