A Window to God’s Love

The Fellowship  |  July 9, 2009

donate now to provide emergency summer relief assistance for families in need in israel
Woman in hot pink shirt holds a baby girl in stripes during hot summer in Israel

A tiny two-bedroom apartment in Or Akiva, Israel, is home for Zahava, her husband Nissim, and their six children. The kitchen is about the same size as a walk-in closet, and the living room, which also serves as a dining room for the family of eight, is not much bigger.

The family was in a dire financial situation. Food was often rationed between the six kids — three boys and three girls. And Zahava and Nissim could barely cover their monthly living costs.

During the summer, families like Zahava’s, as well as vulnerable elderly Israelis, cannot afford extra expenses due to the dangerous heat.

The windows in Zahava’s sixth-floor apartment lacked protective bars to guard her curious children from climbing up the windowsills to peek out into the world. “One day, I found my three-year-old standing on the windowsill, with the window open,” Zahava recalled. “It is nothing short of a miracle that he didn’t fall out that day.”

Zahava has relied on such miracles for years, but it hasn’t been easy. She was nervous to go to the bathroom for fear that one of her kids would open a window and try to climb out. The danger of leaving windows open in the house was made more complicated in the summer.

“We couldn’t leave windows open and we couldn’t afford to have the air conditioner on, so we suffered through the heat all summer long,” Zahava said.

Through generous gifts of compassion from people like you, The Fellowship was able to provide emergency summer assistance for Zahava and her family so they could survive the brutally hot summer.

The apartment now has window guards to provide safety and cooling during the summer.

“It was like God partnered with The Fellowship to help us. Through your generosity, God opened up the heavens and joined you in giving us this lifesaving assistance. Thank you, and God bless you,” Zahava said.

With your donationThe Fellowship will bring relief directly to God’s people.