A Ray of Light in Her Darkest Hour

The Fellowship  |  November 8, 2022

Ludmila, an elderly blind Jewish widow in Minsk for whom The Fellowship is a ray of light
(Photo: JDC/Vadim Rozhkov)

Ludmila is no stranger to hardship. As an infant, an infection impaired one side of her body, and vision in one of her eyes. This led to Ludmila having to figure out how to navigate life despite her disabilities… a life that she learned to love.

For many years, Ludmila worked in the National Library in Minsk. She was popular among the children who visited, and was surrounded by hundreds of books.

But today, this Jewish widow’s world consists of her tiny two-room house—which she hasn’t been able to leave in more than a decade. And now as she has slowly lost eyesight in her unaffected eye, Ludmila has also lost the ability to read her beloved books.

“I don’t see people’s faces,” she says. “I live through touch.”

But Fellowship friends around the world have touched Ludmila’s life, as a Fellowship-provided homecare worker now regularly visits with hot meals and assistance. Ludmila calls her “my ray of light in the darkest hour.”

The Fellowship has also begun providing Ludmila with Jewish programs she can listen to by phone, keeping in touch with her faith and the outside world.

And, as the brutal Eastern European winter approaches, The Fellowship provides help with heat, as well as warm winter essentials. Ludmila thanks her many friends, assuring us all that “what keeps me warm is people’s care.”

As winter arrives, your gift provides light and warmth for the neediest of God’s people.