Ukraine Faces New Missile Barrages as Winter Approaches

Stand for Israel  |  December 5, 2022

Russian missile that landed in Ukraine which now faces a brutal winter
(Photo: Vadim Lavrinenko)

The people of Ukraine have faced the ongoing onslaught from Russia for nearly a full year now. And as winter approaches, threatening the already taxed Ukrainian people with bitter cold, they still face violence. The Associated Press’ Jamey Keaten reports on a new missile barrage aimed at disrupting Ukraine’s already fragile infrastructure:

The missile barrage, which Ukrainian authorities have been anticipating for days, was the latest round of punishment by Russia as it sought to disable Ukraine’s energy supplies and infrastructure as winter approaches — part of a new strategy in its nine-month war.

The country’s electricity provider, Ukrenergo, lashed out at Russia over “the eighth massive missile attack by a terrorist country,” saying its facilities had been hit, triggering blackouts. It urged residents to stay in shelters as its crews tried to repair the damage…

Air raid sirens sounded across the country. Ukrainian media reported explosions in several parts of the country south of Kyiv, including Cherkasy, Kryvyi Rih and Odesa, where the water company said power was out to pumping stations, leaving the city without water…

…two people were killed and three others injured — including a 22-month-old child…

As the Jewish communities of Ukraine – including many elderly Holocaust survivors who cannot evacuate – face a harsh winter without food, water, or heat, you can partner with The Fellowship to provide lifesaving help now.

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