Two Killed in Hadera Terror Attack

Stand for Israel  |  March 27, 2022

Video camera image of 2 people in the street at nights with guns.
(Photo: CCTV screenshot)

Terror continues to be a sad fact of life in Israel. Less than a week after four people were killed in an attack in Be’er Sheva, on Sunday two people were killed and several others wounded in a terror attack in the northern Israel city of Hadera:

Security camera footage from the scene showed two gunmen open opening fire at passersby and police officers at a bus stop in the city, close to several restaurants.

The video showed one of the gunmen shooting several times at a victim lying on the ground, before snatching their rifle. He also opened fire on a man seen riding past the scene on his bicycle.

Please pray for the loved ones of the victims, for a swift recovery for those injured, for protection for all Israelis, and for the day when peace like a river will cover the Holy Land (Isaiah 66:12).

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