The Dramatic Rescue of 100 Children from Ukraine

Stand for Israel  |  March 14, 2022

Children rescued from Ukraine by International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, March 6, 2022
(Photo: IFCJ)

All who stand for Israel have watched in heartbreak and horror as the lives of the people of Ukraine have been upended. But now, Fox News’ Maureen Mackey tells the dramatic story of how The Fellowship rescued 100 children – many of them orphans – from the war-torn nation:

The Fellowship shared with Fox News Digital details of the successful rescue of about 100 children from Ukraine over the past few days — and the latest news about where they’ve landed.

It all began in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, where a woman named Malcki Bukiat was running an orphanage for children from “socially challenged families,” The Fellowship reported to Fox News Digital. Some of these children are orphans; others had parents who couldn’t care for them. For the bulk of the year — from the age of 4 years old until age 17 — the students lived at the orphanage.

Yet when the war on Ukraine began, Bukiat “found herself responsible for the lives of the children at the orphanage,” as well as for the children of two other Jewish families that lived together with the school community — plus her own five children. 

Said Bukiat, “We knew the situation [was] very dangerous. We saw that it became even worse in the last day, before we left. We were theoretically ready to take the kids toward the border — but, practically, it was very complicated.” 

Awakening to the sound of explosions one morning at 5 a.m., Bukiat said she knew she had to evacuate the children immediately…