Terror Balloons Set Southern Israel Ablaze

Stand for Israel  |  May 9, 2021

Fire started by terror balloons, May 2021
Fire started by terror balloons, May 2021

As a heatwave grips the Holy Land and tensions flare across the Holy City of Jerusalem, southern Israel has literally been set ablaze. Ynet News’ Matan Tzuri reports that incendiary balloons launched by terrorists in Gaza have caused multiple fires across southern Israel:

Over 20 fires broke out near the Gaza Strip border on Sunday as Palestinian militants have flown dozens of balloon-borne incendiary devices into Israeli soil since morning hours amid days of cross-border tensions.

The airborne attacks come amid heightened tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank as Palestinians clashed with police and Jewish settlers for weeks. The fires were substantially exacerbated as Israel was hit by a searing heatwave…

Meanwhile, firefighters responded to reports of several fires near Sderot and the surrounding area which led to authorities blocking several roads. The blaze left dozens of acres of scorched land.

One fire broke out in a wheat field that has not yet been harvested and caused heavy financial damage to farmers In Sdot Negev Regional Council…

We thank God that Fellowship friends recently provided much-needed firefighting equipment to Israel’s first responders, and we pray that our mighty God will continue to protect the brave men and women who protect His Holy Land.

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