Project Spotlight: Securing Israeli Communities in the Line of Fire

The Fellowship  |  April 13, 2021

Man in a hazard suit putting out a fire.

“The equipment that we received from The Fellowship is lifesaving,” says Ilan.

Ilan is a security officer from the Carmel regional authority in Israel. His job is to rush to the scene of any terror attack in this region of southern Israel, a community located on the border with Gaza. This area is constantly vulnerable to fires set by terrorist rocket, missile, and incendiary balloon attacks from Gaza. These attacks have become a near-daily occurrence, especially in the summer. So officers like Ilan must fight the fires, securing their communities but also putting their own lives on the line.

Thankfully, you made it possible for The Fellowship for us to distribute 75 personal firefighting kits, equipping every security officer in the region of Israel near the Gaza Strip. The kits include personal protection that enables them to fight fires without putting their lives in danger.

In addition, each local authority will receive a mobile firefighting system. It’s lightweight and easy to use and helps track flames and extinguish fires immediately. They will also receive night lighting equipment, which will help the firefighters deal with the fires and locate spots where terrorist missiles strike. This will equip Israel’s first responders against an anticipated onslaught of attacks in the immediate future.

“Now we will be appropriately protected according to security requirements,” Ilan explains. “We are also better equipped with firefighting equipment and drones that circle above us and inform us of the status of the fires in real time.” Next time Ilan faces a fire, he won’t have to face it alone. And that’s thanks to your faithful support. Thank you for securing these vulnerable Israeli communities!

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