Terror at Jerusalem Bus Stop

Stand for Israel  |  November 30, 2023

terror, shooting, Hamas, Jerusalem, attack
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

A terrorist opened fire in Jerusalem on Thursday morning, killing three and injuring six in a Hamas claimed attack. We learn from The Times of Israel that two IDF soldiers and an armed civilian rushed to return fire and defend Israel:

The victims were named later as Livia Dickman, 24, Ashdod rabbinical judge Elimelech Wasserman, 73, and Hannah Ifergan, who was in her 60s.

According to police, at around 7:40 a.m. two Palestinian gunmen got out of a vehicle on Weizman Boulevard at the main entrance to the capital and opened fire at people at a bus stop.

Police said two off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian in the area returned fire, killing the two terrorists. Both soldiers had been on a break from fighting in the Gaza Strip, and were heading back to the front line when the attack occurred.