Soldiers Searching for Tunnels Find How Low Hamas Can Go

Stand for Israel  |  November 11, 2023

war, Israel, IDF
(Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

Since the ground operation in Gaza began, the Israel Defense Forces have discovered many terror tunnels built by Hamas, which the IDF destroys whenever they find them. Now The Times of Israel’s Emanuel Fabian reports on a tunnel found under a child’s bedroom:

In terms of its size, where it led and what it was intended for, the tunnel was much like the other 90 found in the area.

What set it apart, though, was its location. The shaft had been uncovered by soldiers of the Combat Engineering Corps’ 614th Battalion as they carried out a second round of sweeps in a single-family home — with an outdoor swimming pool — in an upscale beachside neighborhood…

“It’s not ethical, the way that Hamas works,” said a reservist engineering officer — whose identity is censored from publication — while showing The Times of Israel and another journalist the tunnel.

“They use a children’s room to hide a tunnel, below a child’s bed… This is the reality,” he said.

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