Rivlin: I Will Do All I Can to Avoid Third Election

Stand for Israel  |  September 17, 2019

President Rivlin votes, September 17, 2019
President Rivlin votes, September 17, 2019

While Israel’s prime minister — who will be chosen based on the results of today’s election — is the Jewish state’s leader, the Israeli president fills many important roles, as well, with one of them coming as soon as the votes are counted. Ynet News’ Itamar Eichner tells us how President Reuven Rivlin will play a part in deciding Israel’s next prime minister:

President Reuven Rivlin vowed Tuesday to do everything in his power to stop a third round of elections in Israel, as the polls opened for the second national elections in six months.

As president, Rivlin decides who to task with forming a coalition government once polls close and the results come in. The leader whose party wins the most votes is traditionally the first person to be tapped for this job, and if after the period allocated for this mission they are unable to do so, the president is expected to turn to another leader.

However, faced with the prospect of another party forming a government when he was unable to cobble together a coalition after April’s ballot, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party pushed through legislation to dissolve parliament and head for another national vote just weeks after the Knesset was sworn in…

“On September 25, the final election results will be presented by the CEO of the Central Elections Committee, Orly Ades,” says Rivlin in the video.

“By law, I need to consult with Knesset faction representatives, which you can view live as it happens, and ask them which Knesset member they think I should give the mandate to form a government,” he says.

“At in the end of the meetings, I will have a maximum of seven days to choose which Knesset member will receive the honor of trying to form a government.

After I make my decision, the selected Knesset member will have 28 days to build a coalition. If they ask for more time, I will have to consider it depending on the circumstances,” Rivlin said.

“By law I am authorized to grant an extension of 14 days or less…”

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