Pregnant Woman Wounded in Terror Attack Speaks Out

Stand for Israel  |  February 26, 2024

terror attack, pregnant woman, shooting, survival, terrorist, wounded
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Adi Zohar was driving into work when a terrorist started shooting at her car in a terror attack we told you about last week. She is five months pregnant, and she managed to maintain consciousness while asking others for help, which ended up saving her life, reports The Times of Israel:

“Usually, I’m a very hysterical person, but in that moment I was calm,” Zohar said, remembering how she told the woman that she had been shot and was pregnant…

The next thing Zohar remembers, she said, is waking up in the hospital. The doctors told her that she had been hit by shrapnel in a place that was very dangerous for her and the baby.

“It was definitely a miracle,” she told the media. “God was with me every moment. In retrospect, one of the doctors told me that the fact that I hadn’t lost consciousness probably saved the baby.”

Four days after the attack, Zohar said she is recovering well and that she and the baby are okay.

“My life was given back to me,” she said, expressing gratitude to the medical staff and the civilians at the scene who had helped her.

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