One Killed, 11 Wounded in Shooting Attack near Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  February 22, 2024

terror attack, West Bank
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Three terrorists opened fire on an Israeli highway with people waiting in traffic to enter Jerusalem on Thursday morning. One man was killed and 11 more were wounded in the attack, including a pregnant woman, reports The Times of Israel:

Eyewitnesses said that the terrorists ran along the lines of cars waiting in the traffic jam, firing into the vehicles.

A video, taken by a passenger on a bus waiting in the congestion, showed panicked people abandoning their cars and running along the road to escape the gunfire.

Magen David Adom emergency service medic Natav Tayib said the scene was spread out over a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

Tayib said emergency teams found five cars with injured people inside, one of which had a man, in his 20s, who had gunshot wounds to his upper body and was unconscious with no vital signs. He was later declared dead.

Amir Ararat, a medic who was on his way to work at the Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center, said he managed to save one of those injured because he happened to have a tourniquet in his car.

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