Peruvian Jews Take Fellowship Freedom Flight to Flee Virus, Violence

Stand for Israel  |  June 16, 2020

Peruvian olim make aliyah to Israel on Fellowship Freedom Flight, June 2020

While Israel was quick to fight the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, some nations like Peru were not so forward-thinking. In Peru, not only has coronavirus spread, but shortages of medical supplies and food have caused violent riots in the streets. But, The Times of Israel’s Marcus Gilban reports, Peruvian Jews were able to escape these dangerous settings by making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) aboard a Fellowship Freedom Flight:

A group of 37 members of the Peruvian Jewish community on Friday arrived in Israel on a special charter flight amid high rates of COVID-19 in their country and street riots that have broken out as a result of a scarcity of food and medical supplies.

The group landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport and, like all other newcomers, will enter a 14-day self-quarantine.

The flight was organized by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a nonprofit that works to build support for and facilitate immigration to Israel.

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