One Woman’s Graceful Bravery Offers Precious Solace to a Grieving Nation

Stand for Israel  |  October 11, 2023

Israeli soldiers, IDF, Sderot, terror
(Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

Amid so much darkness during this war, we also witness so much bravery from Israeli citizens, like Rachel Edry who treated her Hamas captors with calm hospitality while simultaneously giving information to a SWAT team, which saved her and her husband’s life, reports the Times of Israel:

When Hamas terrorists invaded the home of Rachel Edry in Ofakim amid the brutal onslaught from the Gaza Strip on Saturday, she treated them in the way that came most naturally to her: politely.

The terrorists spent 15 hours until early Sunday morning in the home of Edry and her husband David, a couple in their seventies from Ofakim.

During that time, Rachel Edry, who was born in what is now Iran, served the terrorist treats, joked with them in rudimentary Arabic and even sang with them a Hebrew-language song by Lior Narkis they knew from the radio.