Lighting 90 Menorahs on IDF Battlefields Including Gaza

Stand for Israel  |  December 7, 2023

Israeli soldiers, Israel-Gaza border, southern Israel, Israeli flag
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

This year’s celebration of Hanukkah is even more significant because of the current war in Israel. This is because Hanukkah is a season of miracles where the Jewish people remember that God’s light always triumphs over the darkness. And the IDF soldiers will be taking this message to heart this Hanukkah by lighting menorahs even on the battlefields, reports The Jerusalem Post:

This year’s Hanukkah celebration will see meaningful participation from soldiers of the Harel, Jerusalem, and Paratroopers brigades – the same brigades that played a crucial role in liberating Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. These soldiers, along with reservists, including relatives of the fallen heroes, will light the menorahs with the olive oil from Ammunition Hill. This act serves not only as a tribute to those who fought and fell but also as a symbol of ongoing life and bravery.