Jerusalem’s Resiliency Through the War

Stand for Israel  |  October 19, 2023

Men praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during the Israel War 2023
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, has endured multiple conflicts and wars for thousands of years. Since its founding, it has been attacked 52 times, recaptured 44 times, and destroyed twice and yet it still prevails.

The latest attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, has led to over 1,400 Israeli casualties and has put the Holy Land in crisis as they battle a war against Hamas. Following the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history, most of the country shut down. Stores, restaurants, and malls closed their doors and people stayed home as they watched the horrors of the attack unfold.

Writing at The Algemeiner, Troy O. Fritzhand reports on how things took a positive turn less than three days later when citizens in Jerusalem were no longer overcome with fear. Within a short amount of time, the holy city was revived. And he spoke with residents of Jerusalem to get their perspective of what it’s like living in the Holy City during this time of tragedy:

Israelis in Jerusalem made a point of not despairing, even after Hamas rampaged across southern Israel, explaining that whatever happens to the Palestinian terrorist group, Jerusalem will outlast it.

“Jerusalem is eternal,” said Ben-Michael. “The name literally means ‘city of peace.’ While Jerusalem stands forever, Hamas is just a footnote of history.”

Initiatives to support Israel’s soldiers have sprung up all across the capital city. Practically every coffee shop and restaurant has shifted its focus from serving customers to bringing in volunteers to cook food for soldiers. Meanwhile, individuals have cooked at their homes, purchased essential clothing such as underwear and socks, and made monetary donations to ensure all the soldiers are cared for during the war — however long it may last.

The Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, which Sagir advises, has been donating supplies and storage for equipment for frontline soldiers. “Seeing Jerusalemites rush to aid each other reaffirms my love for this eternal city,” said Sagir.