Israel’s Musicians Sing for Troops and Injured, Mourners and Missing

Stand for Israel  |  October 29, 2023

Israeli flag in the middle of a field.
(Photo: Arik Shraga)

Stand for Israel continues to hear stories of Israelis coming together with care and unity after so much loss from the brutal Hamas attack on October 7. We are encouraged to learn from the Times of Israel that many of Israel’s musicians are spreading some joy by playing music—new and old—to uplift Israelis during this dark time:

Now Ribo, like so many other Israeli performers, is making the rounds of IDF bases in the country’s south, singing for and with soldiers, doing what he does best to hold and lift the spirits of fellow Israelis.

A cadre of Israeli performers — including Shlomo Artzi, Ivri Lider, Netta Barzilai, Harel Skaat, David Broza, Jonathan Mergui and Jane Bordeaux — are crisscrossing the country performing for hospital patients, singing at impromptu weddings, attending funerals and houses of mourning and in some cases, grieving their own losses.

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