Israeli Troops Roll Into Gaza City, IDF Toll Rises

Stand for Israel  |  November 3, 2023

IDF, soldier, boots, combat
(Photo: Chen Schimmel/Flash90)

As the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) ground operation intensifies and advances into Gaza, the loss of IDF soldiers rises as well, reports the Times of Israel:

In a statement from an Air Force base, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi said troops have surrounded the city in the northern part of the strip from several directions.

“We have advanced another significant stage in the war. The forces are in the heart of northern Gaza, operating in Gaza City, surrounding it, and deepening [the ground offensive] and its achievements,” he said. The IDF said that around 130 Hamas terrorists were killed in gun battles with IDF soldiers Thursday afternoon and early evening…

The death toll among IDF troops grew to 19 confirmed deaths since the start of the ground operation six days earlier, including a senior officer. Several others were wounded in the fighting, some seriously.

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