Israeli Teen Ran ‘Operations Room’ as Hamas Came to Kill Her Family

Stand for Israel  |  November 18, 2023

Kibbutz Be'eri, southern Israel, Hamas terrorists
(Photo: Edi Israel/Flash90)

When Hamas terrorists came for Hadar’s family on October 7, the 13-year-old managed to remain calm through Hamas’ gunfire, smoke, and flames. And she provided her family critical first aid by reaching out to neighbors and medics in a fight for their very survival, reports The Jerusalem Post:

First the gunmen fired through the door, seriously wounding both Hadar’s father, Avida, and her 15-year-old brother, Carmel. Eventually, the terrorists would rupture the reinforced window with explosives and shoot her mother, Dana, through the gap.

It was down to Hadar to stanch wounds while trying to summon help or advice. In the chaos and cacophany, she used her mobile phone and those of her parents to call emergency services that would not reach her home in Kibbutz Beeri for hours yet.

“It needs to be understood: A 13-year-old girl is running an operations room, with three phones at the same time,” Avida recalled with grim pride from a hospital where he was recovering after the amputation of one of his wounded legs…

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