Israel Wages War on Hamas Tunnels

Stand for Israel  |  November 17, 2023

terrorist tunnel
View of a Hezbollah tunnel that crosses from Lebanon to Israel, on the border between Israel and Lebanon in northern Israel, on February 14, 2023. (Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

While in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) finds more underground Hamas tunnels—some hundreds of kilometers long—and the soldiers are working hard to destroy them, reports The Jerusalem Post:

After locating what they described as the entrance to a Hamas tunnel under an evacuated hospital in northern Gaza, Israeli army engineers filled the passage with exploding gel and hit the detonator.

The blast engulfed the building and sent smoke spewing out of at least three points along a nearby road in a district of the city of Beit Hanoun, surveillance footage showed.

“The gel spread out and exploded whatever they had been waiting for us in the tunnel,” an army officer told reporters at a briefing at Zeelim Ground Forces Base in southern Israel.