How Can You Take a Stand for Israel?

Stand for Israel  |  May 9, 2016

Israeli Soldiers carrying the flag of Israel through a field
IDF soldiers displaying israeli flag

Have you ever wondered, “how can I support Israel”? It is sad to say, but our worst fears are coming true!

Longtime friends and allies of Israel are turning their backs as major political groups, Western companies, universities, and other organizations are abandoning their once steadfast support of the Jewish people.

Such blindness is astounding as today’s world is becoming ever more dangerous!

Even more tragic in our mind is the fact that these entities who no longer support Israel are ignoring or even denying the Bible’s clear teaching that those who bless Israel will be blessed themselves (Genesis 12:3).

Enjoying God’s blessings is just one of many biblical reasons for standing in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

And as a way to take a Stand for Israel and to share in God’s promise, we prayerfully ask for your help with a compassionate gift of support through The Fellowship. Your most generous gift is needed today to sustain and increase this lifesaving work that reaches impoverished Jews around the world.

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