Historic Ukrainian Synagogue Destroyed

Stand for Israel  |  May 19, 2022

Ukrainian synagogue in Mariupol
(Photo:: wikicommons/SerovaYuliya)

While the ongoing war in Ukraine has left many millions of lives in ruins, it has also led to the destruction of places, both of historic and religious value. A historic house of worship has fallen, reports Algemeiner’s Ben Cohen, as invading Russian troops have destroyed an ancient synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol:

Russian troops have destroyed a building in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol commemorating the synagogue that was once housed there, the city council reported on Wednesday…

“Like the Germans during World War II, they are destroying Jewish community buildings. In Mariupol, the Russian army destroyed the building of the ‘old synagogue’ and the community center. Real barbarians of today!”

The post was accompanied by photographs showing the building in ruins. Originally constructed in 1882, the synagogue building had more recently become a site for the remembrance of the local Jewish community; last October, it hosted an exhibition commemorating the 1941 massacre of Jews in the village of Agrobaza in the Donetsk region….

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