His Mother Murdered by Terrorists and Father a Hostage in Gaza, Almog Levy Turns 3

Stand for Israel  |  June 25, 2024

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(Photo: Chen Schimmel)

Almog Levy just turned three years old, and the toddler keeps asking for his mother and father says his grandparents. This birthday won’t be the same, like if his parents were here to celebrate says the family. The Times of Israel tells us more:

“You can’t stop things if he is to grow up as a regular kid,” Geula said. “His parents disappeared, he is still waiting for them. He says ‘I miss Mom and Dad, I want Mom and Dad.’”

Geula said that Almog was given a book that on one page shows a ginger-haired doll that reminded the toddler of his mother.

“He didn’t want to turn the page,” she said. When her son, Almog’s uncle, asked him if he should buy him a doll like the one in the book, the child replied “Will she also pick me up?”