Fires Rage After Hezbollah Attacks

Stand for Israel  |  June 4, 2024

Fires in northern Israel caused by Hezbollah rocket fire, June 2024
(Photo: Dekel Aryeh, Security Officer of Kiryat Shmona)

As rockets fired at Israel by Hezbollah continue to rain down on northern Israel, we’re receiving on-the-ground updates from Dekel Arye, the security officer of Kiryat Shmona, one of the northernmost cities in Israel and a frequent target of terrorists.

First responders continue to battle fires set by the rockets – which have burned thousands of acres of open land in the region – to prevent them from reaching residential areas of the city.

Fellowship armored vehicles are playing a crucial role in supporting the firefighters’ efforts by transporting essential equipment to the scene. With the equipment loaded onto the armored vehicle, the firefighters are able to swiftly reach threatened locations and effectively combat the blazes. The added protection provided by the armored vehicle allows them to focus on their mission.

Thank you to all The Fellowship’s faithful partners, whose generosity and bravery is providing invaluable support for Israel during this critical time.