Devastating Attacks in Ukraine as War Continues

Stand for Israel  |  January 2, 2024

Bombing in Odesa, Ukraine, December 29, 2023
(Photo: FJC)

While the world has been focused on Israel’s war against Hamas terror, there were grim reminders recently that the war in Ukraine is ongoing and deadly, with heavy missile attacks against Ukrainian targets. One of our Fellowship partners in the Ukrainian city of Odesa reported:

Last night, a Russian rocket struck perilously close to our girls and infants school, wreaking havoc on our sanctuary. Devastatingly, at least 80% of our windows have been shattered or severely damaged, and the internal structure has also suffered. Miraculously, no children were present during this horrifying incident, but the aftermath leaves our educational haven in ruins.

Even as we continue to pray for Israel’s peace and protection in this new year, let’s not forget the devastating war in Ukraine, which has gone on since 2022. May all the innocent be protected, and may we continue to have the resources to bless with lifesaving aid all those in Ukraine’s Jewish community who are caught in the middle of this conflict.

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