21 Wounded in Hezbollah Missile and Mortar Attacks

Stand for Israel  |  November 13, 2023

Terror, attack on Israel, wounded
(Photo: David Cohen/Flash90)

Terror attacks once again gripped the Holy Land this past weekend. In a missile attack by Hezbollah on Sunday, as many as 14 Israeli civilians were wounded—and one was left in serious condition. Another attack on Israel left seven soldiers wounded in the north, reports The Times of Israel:

The Hezbollah missile struck a number of vehicles near the northern community of Dovev, close to the border. Some of the victims were Israel Electric Corporation employees who had arrived to repair power lines damaged by previous fire from Lebanon.

The IDF said it struck the Hezbollah cell behind the attack against the civilians and hit several Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon, including a weapons depot…

Ziv Medical Center in Safed said it had received 14 of the injured from the Dovev attack, one in serious condition, and the rest were lightly hurt. Another four soldiers lightly hurt in the mortar attack were also taken to Ziv. Rambam Hospital in Haifa said it had received three of the victims — all soldiers — who were lightly wounded.

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