10 Holy Land Digs

Stand for Israel  |  January 15, 2021

Archaeology - Machaerus and Dead Sea
Archaeology - Machaerus and Dead Sea

Israel is rich in history – biblical history. Even today, archaeologists unearth new sites straight from the pages of Scripture. Stand for Israel would love to take you along to learn about some of these sacred spots… places we’ll call Holy Land Digs.

Archaeology site at Megiddo

1. Megiddo

In the Book of Revelation, Har Megiddo (Hebrew for “Mount Megiddo”) is known as Armageddon. But this site has a long biblical history, including as King Solomon’s “chariot city.”


Mount Nebo, biblical site in Jordan

2. Mt. Nebo

This site, across the border from Israel in Jordan, is where God told Moses to spend his last days, where he could see the Promised Land.


Tel Azekah, ruin in Israel

3. Azekah

Not only did Joshua fight (and win) a biblical battle here against the Amorites, this holy ground is also where David battled (and defeated) Goliath


Archaeology site of Tel Tzafit

4. Gath

Speaking of Goliath, this site might seem small, but archaeology experts believe Tel Tzafit (“Tel” means “mound”) to be the biblical behemoth’s hometown, the Philistine city of Gath.


Archaeology site of cemetery cave in Tel Maresha

5. Maresha

Part of Beit Guvrin National Park in Israel, this part of the Tribe of Judah’s biblical inheritance also acted as an Israelite fortification and the hometown of the prophet Micah.


Cave from archaeology site at biblical city of Dan

6. Dan

This biblical city, occupied of course by the Tribe of Dan, can be found many times in the pages of Scripture.


Archaeology - Machaerus and Dead Sea

7. Machaerus

This Dead Sea palace belonging to King Herod is where the beheading of John the Baptist took place.


Herodium, archaeology site in Israel

8. Herodium

And while we’re on the topic of Herod, Herod the Great built this site south of Jerusalem as a palace, a fortress, a town, and his own tomb.


Archaeology site of ancient synagogue in Capernaum

9. Capernaum

The Sea of Galilee hometown of Matthew, this city also found Jesus teaching in its synagogue (an ancient synagogue in Capernaum seen above).


Magdala, circa 1900

10. Magdala

This town on the Galilee shores has long held the interest of experts in biblical archaeology and history, especially its own ancient synagogue. Mary Magdalene also hailed from here.

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