She Survived Auschwitz and Asked Us to Forgive

The Fellowship  |  July 5, 2019

Eva Mozes Kor
Eva Mozes Kor

As those who survived one of the darkest chapters in history age, we must continue to learn from them while they are still here to teach us. But today, we must mourn the loss of a woman who not only spent the rest of her life teaching the world about the true horrors of the Holocaust, but about the power of forgiveness. Writing for The Jerusalem Post, Marcy Oster remembers Eva Mozes Kor, while a touching video of this strong woman can be seen above. May her memory be a blessing:

Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor, who underwent experiments in Auschwitz together with her twin sister, has died at the age of 85.

Kor, of Terra Haute, Indiana died on Thursday morning in Krakow, Poland, the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center she founded said in a statement. She was in Poland with the museum’s annual trip to visit Nazi camps.

Kor and her sister were one of some 1,500 sets of twins who were experimented on by Josef Mengele. CANDLES stands for Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors. She founded the museum in 1985.

Kor and her twin sister Miriam, who were born in Romania, were the only members of her family to survive the Holocaust, after being sent to Auschwitz in 1944. They were liberated 18 months later by the Soviet army.

Kor moved to Israel, with her sister, in 1950 where she served in the Israeli army as a Sergeant Major in the Engineering Corps. In 1960 she married fellow survivor, an American, Michael Kor and they moved to the United States…