Project Spotlight: Support for Lone Soldiers

The Fellowship  |  November 3, 2021

Support Lone Soldiers through the Fellowship
(Photo: Jordan Hay)

The heroes of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) work tirelessly to protect God’s people and the Holy Land from any threats. While every young man and woman in Israel is required to serve in the IDF, they’re joined by countless lone soldiers from countries around the world who leave their families behind to serve Israel. The Fellowship works to give support for these lone soldiers who’ve given up so much to protect their homeland. And one of these soldiers recently wrote to us – thanking YOU for supporting him through the challenges of army life away from family:

Hello. I’m a lone solider from Southern Command Headquarters. I was born and raised in Ashkelon. A year ago, my parents decided to leave the country and to move back to Russia due to financial difficulties. My sister and I stayed with my grandmother because it was important to me and my sister to live in Israel and, in the future, enlist to the IDF and serve my country.

During my service in the Southern Command Headquarters, I ran into financial difficulties and decided to approach The Fellowship and you offered me financial assistance. I wanted to thank you for your generous donation.

Without a doubt, your contribution has helped me very broadly in my daily routine. Thank you all!

Donate to the IDF through The Fellowship to help support Israel soldiers and their families.