Project Spotlight: Strengthening Israel’s Soldiers

The Fellowship  |  May 14, 2019

Project Spotlight: Strengthening Israel’s Soldiers

This year, The Fellowship has “adopted” six Israel Defense Forces (IDF) battalions, located throughout Israel. These men and women are the true heroes of the Holy Land, as a soldier’s day is filled with draining, never-ending work. But thanks to our wonderful donors who continue to support Israel’s soldiers, they are provided much needed moral support and assistance. This commitment remains ever so strong today, especially as security threats along the southern and northern borders of Israel continue. Just ask Aiden.

Aiden’s Story

Aiden is a lone soldier from Atlanta, Georgia, serving in the IDF. He decided to serve because of the deep connection he felt to Israel, and felt it was important to do his part by serving in the army.

But the adjustment hasn’t been easy for Aiden. He feels like soldier challenges are amplified for lone soldiers who face pressure from a determined enemy, and must also grapple with the fact that they are worlds away from home, family, and the comfort and support of both.

This is why he’s especially grateful for the support from The Fellowship and donors back in the U.S. “It just reminds you that there are people that care and they really support you. It’s great,” he says. And he adds that if one of those supporters were within arm’s reach, he’d give them a hug, because, “That says everything.”

Reaffirm your love for Israel by supporting those that stand on the frontlines against terror for the world – the Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF). Learn how you can support these brave men and women today.