Project Spotlight: Small Gifts

The Fellowship  |  March 13, 2018

IFCJ recipient, Aline wearing a pink shirt looking directly at the camera.
Project Spotlight: Small Gifts

The Fellowship‘s Small Gifts project for new mothers provides assistance to Israeli single mothers who face financial hardship, and also gives aid to their newborn babies.

When it comes to baby care, mothers must purchase many items, such as diapers, wipes, formula, baby bottles, and new clothes which the baby will continuously outgrow. These additional costs can really set a mother back financially if she does not have the means or the support to provide for her child.

Small Gifts provides a gift basket to new mothers filled with items like formula, bottles, baby shampoo, and cream. Since the start of the program, we’ve delivered 750 of these baskets. Besides the gift basket, The Fellowship also provides a monthly coupon worth 200 Israeli shekels to mothers so they can provide for their babies’ needs on an ongoing basis.

The Small Gifts project helps struggling mothers like Aline, who The Fellowship’s Ami Farkas recently visited:

Meeting Aline

I recently went to visit Aline, a single mother of four who lives in the city of Lod. I was escorted to Aline’s apartment by Na’ama, a Fellowship field representative who manages the Small Gifts project as well as other service projects in the area. When we entered the apartment, Aline greeted Na’ama with a warm embrace and they began talking as though they were best friends.

“She is like my mother,” Aline said. “Na’ama is always here for me, listening to my problems and always finding a way to help.”

Aline has been receiving our ministry’s aid through the Small Gifts project since her youngest was born five months ago. Na’ama has kept a close relationship with Aline, and has come through for her a number of times.

“I needed a bed for one of my kids, and Na’ama found someone in the neighborhood who was getting rid of a child’s bed and brought it to me. Whenever I need clothes for my growing children, Na’ama brings me second hand clothing from families donating theirs. Thanks to The Fellowship I feel like I have a family – I feel like I am heard and supported.”

“People in the neighborhood know and respect The Fellowship – our generosity is contagious,” Na’ama explained. “I get calls from random people who know that I work for The Fellowship and they express their desire to help.”

Used furniture and appliances, baby clothing, and other household necessities have landed in Na’ama’s lap through people who appreciate The Fellowship’s outreach in their neighborhood and want a chance to help mothers as well.

Aline, who came from a poor family of nine, relies on The Fellowship. At the age of 26, she has suffered a lot, but she has kept strong for her kids. Her ex-husband was a manic depressive who often abused her. He pays no child support and has no relationship with the kids.

When she left him she felt very alone at first, and then she realized that she had felt alone even when they were married. But Aline is not alone – she has four kids who she adores and who need her to provide for and love them.

The Fellowship provides Aline with a 200 shekel a month coupon with which she buys her baby formula, diapers, and wipes. On top of the aid we provide Aline, Na’ama has also inspired others in the neighborhood and has motivated them to pitch in and help Aline and other single mothers who are in desperate need of help.

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