Project Spotlight: Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Memorial Freedom Flight

Project Spotlight: Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Memorial Freedom Flight


February marks one year since the passing of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, one of Israel’s greatest advocates. He began an incredible ministry of rescuing and supporting Jews in desperate need. He fought for forgotten Jewish communities and Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union. Rabbi Eckstein brought thousands of Jews back home to Israel. And he ran the largest provider of humanitarian aid in Israel, all funded primarily by American Christians who love and support Israel.

Today, it is up to us to continue his prophetic work. So this month we are helping fund the Rabbi Eckstein Memorial Freedom Flight! This fight will bring Ukrainian Jews home so they can escape poverty, war, and anti-Semitism. And they can start new lives in Israel where the Jewish spirit is strong and thriving. With your support, we can continue to help those in need get back to safety and fulfill Biblical prophecy, just as Rabbi Eckstein envisioned.

For many Jews, making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. The nation of Israel is a blessing to the Jewish people, who for so long had nowhere to take refuge from anti-Semitic hatred and persecution. Jews around the world need Israel now more than ever.

As the olim (immigrants) build their new lives in Israel they will do it with the assistance of representatives from The Fellowship in their local communities who will assess and help provide for their financial, educational, health and housing needs throughout the klitah (resettlement) process.

In all, as many as 750,000 immigrants to Israel have been assisted through Fellowship Freedom Flights and the organization Rabbi Eckstein founded in 1983. But his work isn’t done, and it is up to us to continue his ministry.

Learn more about Rabbi Eckstein’s life and legacy today.

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