Project Spotlight: On the Ground in Ukraine

The Fellowship  |  February 13, 2022

IFCJ volunteer standing next to a recipient of an IFCJ food box.
(Photo: FJC/Victor Adjamsky)

Did you know there are over 200,000 Jewish people living in Ukraine?

Whether it’s during times of peace or during times of war, we assist these people. We deliver food, medicine, and provide home care visits and therapy, all made possible by The Fellowship’s friends and supporters. Recently, Yael went to Ukraine to show solidarity with the Jewish community there and to deliver basic needs to the neediest Jews. The Fellowship will always be prepared for any emergency. We are the “boots on the ground,” helping those who need it most.

The Fellowship is on the ground in Ukraine, and we have been active throughout the former Soviet Union (FSU) for over 30 years. We reach tens of thousands of needy Jews. This includes children, families, people with disabilities, and elderly who survive on little to no income. We are providing for the least of these.

And The Fellowship has helped more than 760,000 people make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) since our founding. Many of these new olim (immigrants) are from Ukraine, where the economy is low and political tensions are high. The Fellowship also is helping other needy Jews make aliyah from the former Soviet Union, Europe, Latin America. And other countries where Jews must flee anti-Semitism, conflict, poverty, and begin a new life in their biblical homeland, Israel.

Learn more about our work in the FSU by listening to Yael Eckstein’s recent interview with CBN News, as we’re on the ground helping the least of these.

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