Project Spotlight: Holocaust Survivors Hotline and Call Button

The Fellowship  |  January 18, 2022

An elderly woman with a mask on looking at a call button for Holocaust survivors.
(Photo: Arik Shraga)

Fellowship supported Holocaust Survivors’ Hotline provides emergency call buttons to thousands of needy Holocaust survivors throughout Israel. We’ve been supporting this program since 2014. The service includes a connection to a 24/7 emergency hotline and medical services which include doctor’s home visits and ambulance service for evacuation to hospitals. This hotline is lifesaving – just ask Yehudit!

Caring for Yehudit

Holocaust survivor Yehudit says she feels like her childhood was stolen from her. She was only eight years old when she arrived at Auschwitz concentration camp, completely on her own after being separated from her family. This little girl felt lonely, frightened, and hungry. “They gave us one slice of bread for a day, and something they called soup, which basically was boiled water,” says Yehudit.

She saw horrors no child should witness. “The Nazis made us stand outside in rows for hours. The dogs were barking at us. It was chilling. I was scared all the time,” she continues.

Just before the death camp was about to be liberated, the Nazis tried to kill the Jews at the camp before fleeing. But Yehudit hid and miraculously survived thanks to the help of Christians.

She stayed safe under the care of a faithful Christian family until she returned home to the Holy Land.

Ever since then, Christians have been there for Yehudit. Recently, while living all alone, she had a sudden heart attack. But she wasn’t truly alone. She had a Fellowship call button to help her access an emergency hotline and medical services, which ended up saving her life!

“I pressed this button, and an ambulance was here in minutes. They evacuated me to a hospital. Without the button for sure I wouldn’t be able to survive the heart attack. This button is a very important device for me, probably the most important one.”

Thank you for making sure Yehudit is never alone. You bring her peace and comfort which is making a huge difference in her life.

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