Project Spotlight: Holiday Meals at Fellowship Soup Kitchen

The Fellowship  |  September 22, 2021

Elderly Jewish couple enjoying Rosh Hashanah Meal together with others in a banquet style meal.
(Photo: Ilan Assayag)

Each year, we partner with soup kitchens in Israel to help the needy elderly and families who need reminded of God’s presence during the High Holy Days. And each and every year you come through. You partner with us to ensure that not one elderly Jew or Holocaust survivor or needy family is forgotten.

As a part of our 2021 Rosh Hashanah program, The Fellowship worked in partnership with several soup kitchens in Israel. One was LaSova Soup Kitchen in Tel Aviv. LaSova hosted a festive holiday meal for the needy, who were mostly elderly and had no loved ones to visit during the holidays. Thankfully, this year they knew they were not alone and could observe the holiday surrounded by people who care.

Show Israel’s neediest and most vulnerable that they are loved – by God and by friends like you around the world.