Project Spotlight: Helping the Impoverished

The Fellowship  |  January 14, 2020

Vera says she went hungry during the war years. Without help from Fellowship friends, she’d still be hungry today. She survived World War II in an orphanage, suffering so much. Today she still has no financial support. When we first discovered this dear 79-year-old woman, all she had in her refrigerator was cottage cheese and chickpeas.

Vera is just one of many impoverished Israelis who rely on The Fellowship. About 20 percent of Israelis live below the poverty line. This includes children, immigrants, widows, and Holocaust survivors. In Israel there is no national food program to ensure that people don’t go hungry — and the lack of this safety net combined with a high cost of living creates a tremendous need for help.

Impoverished elderly feel forgotten, even as they are forced to choose between heat and medicine. Low-income families worry about their children, never knowing if they should prioritize spending money on food, medicine, or school.

One of the greatest advantages of The Fellowship is that we are on the ground in Israel, so we are able to get a close look at Israeli society and understand the intricate and subtle needs of Israel’s most vulnerable populations. And then, because of faithful Fellowship friends, we’re able to respond quickly to those needs and make a tangible and godly impact.

We have programs that meet the basic food, heating fuel, clothing, shelter, and medical needs of the elderly and aging Holocaust survivors, children, and families around the world.

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