Project Spotlight: Fellowship Soup Kitchens

The Fellowship  |  August 5, 2020

Soup kitchen vehicle to deliver meals to elderly during the health crisis

A few months ago, we were happy to tell you how the good work of Fellowship soup kitchens continues amid a global health crisis. During this time of emergency, many elderly need food deliveries to survive. While indoor restaurants had to close, they continue to make home deliveries.

Now we’re happy to report that The Fellowship recently approved a grant for the purchase of three delivery vehicles. These vehicles will help soup kitchen workers deliver more meals to the elderly during this devastating health crisis.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the request for delivered meals from soup kitchens doubled. Many of these calls were from elderly or family of elderly who worried about their loved ones. We know these delivered meals mean the difference to impoverished elderly, ensuring they can eat during this difficult time.

While we are uncertain about the future due to the crisis, we are so proud of Fellowship staff, volunteers, and YOU, our wonderful supporters who carry on this good work.

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