Project Spotlight: Assisting in Fellowship

The Fellowship  |  August 25, 2020

adult woman holding baby girl, sitting on couch, face mask and glasses

As we told you earlier last month, The Fellowship continues to help Israeli families who have been hit hardest by the global pandemic. The health crisis continues to impact everyday life and puts Israelis at risk for financial insecurity. Thankfully, through our Assisting in Fellowship project, over 8,000 families across 140 cities in Israel will receive help. We will support them with food, medication, and other basic needs. Recently, we received this heartfelt thank-you letter from the Director of the Dept. of Welfare in the city of Bat Yam:

I would like to offer a huge thank you, both on my behalf and on behalf of all the families who benefited from the amazing support which The Fellowship enabled us to give to the families.

As you know, many families lost their source of livelihood and fell upon hard times. With The Fellowship’s great sensitivity and understanding of the new crisis, you have allowed us to assist those families and prevent a severe rupture in their lives.

When I say you have saved lives, I mean it.

A special thanks to you for the sensitivity, availability, goodwill, and amazing work that was done for us.

Kind Regards,

Deeta Yardeni

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