Project Spotlight: Assistance to the Elderly

The Fellowship  |  May 5, 2020

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During this uncertain time, we are here for the elderly.

While there have been restrictions on visiting our elderly beneficiaries of the With Dignity and Fellowship program, we continue to contact thousands of seniors and conduct phone interviews with to see how they are handling the crisis and to access their needs.

Here is one heartwarming letter from a With Dignity and Fellowship recipient, who has felt very supported over the last month during the uncertainty of the crisis:

You probably haven’t heard that I recently turned 80. I don’t think it was announced on the radio but it’s a fact of life. But I want to let you know that here in Jerusalem, safely locked up due to my age, all by myself and thankfully coronavirus-free, quite unexpectedly I feel like I’m in a kind of Garden of Eden or paradise.

Yesterday they brought me a parcel with two excellent meals to heat up and eat up and promised me three more to expect this week, and this evening Tzvia, my excellent social worker, phoned to check up if I was okay or needed anything, and not to go out, not even to the pharmacist for my medicines, and she also told me that the wonderful welfare fund the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, was prepared to make a donation for some much needed dental work.