Over 42,000 Olim to Celebrate First Israel Independence Day

The Fellowship  |  May 2, 2022

Yael Eckstein welcomes new olim to Israel, who will be celebrating their first Israel Independence Day
(Photo: Ilan Assayag)

In the past year, The Fellowship has brought more than 8,500 olim (immigrants) home to Israel, including thousands from war-torn Ukraine. These new Israelis will make up the more than 42,000 olim who, per The Jerusalem Post’s Zvika Klein, will be celebrating their first Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) this week:

A record 42,675 immigrants have made Israel their home since Independence Day last year, according to data from the Aliyah and Integration Ministry

The countries from which the most immigrants arrived this past year were Russia with 33% of the total number immigrants, Ukraine with 27%, followed by 10% from the United States, 8% from France, 3% from Argentina, 3% from Belarus and 2% from India. There were an additional 18 countries from which only one immigrant made aliyah, including Madagascar, South Korea, Malta and Macedonia.

Of those who immigrated since the last Independence Day, 28% were 18-35 years old, 22% were newborn to 17 years, 18% were ages 36-50, and 16% were 60 and over. Some 55% of the immigrants were women and 45% were men. The oldest immigrant was a 102-year-old who came from France in October. The second oldest was a 101-year-old immigrant who recently made aliyah from Ukraine after the Russian invasion…

Praise God that so many of His children are now safely at home in the Holy Land, their biblical and historic homeland!