‘Light a Candle’

The Fellowship  |  September 20, 2019

Sarit Hadad
Sarit Hadad

Born in Israel to Jewish parents who made aliyah (immigrated) from Dagestan, Sarit Hadad showed musical talent from a young age, playing piano, organ, guitar, accordion, and darbuka (a Middle Eastern drum). Beginning her performing career at the age of eight, Sarit has been highly successful now for decades, topping the Israeli musical charts many times. She represented Israel in the 2002 Eurovision contest, singing the above song, “Nadlik Beyakhdad Ner (Light a Candle).”

Sarit Hadad performs her songs in many different languages, including English, Arabic, Georgian, Turkish, Greek, and Hebrew. She was also the first Israeli to perform professionally in neighboring Jordan. Sarit also served as a judge on the first three seasons of Israel’s version of the hit musical competition TV show, The Voice.

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