Jews Who Fled Ukraine to Get Special Aid for Rosh Hashanah Under New Initiative

The Fellowship  |  September 19, 2022

Special holiday aid, special aid
(Photo: Vadim Lavrinenko)

Just ahead of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, The Fellowship is delivering special holiday aid to families from war-torn Ukraine. We will help 5,000 families who’ve made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Ukraine recently:

Yulia, who arrived from Ukraine in recent months with her seven-year-old twin daughters and five-year-old son, will celebrate her first Rosh Hashana in Israel. She had long considered making aliyah, and after the Russian bombed a military base near her village she had to hide with her children in a basement for two weeks, after which she decided to realize her long-held dream. “We boarded a train to the Polish border, with the ride taking more than a day,” she told Israel Hayom. “We sat on the floor of the car wrapping ourselves with clothes to keep warm. I was worried for my children’s lives, I wasn’t sure we would survive,” she recalled.

She says that the children, who now live in their new home in Petah Tikva, learned in school that “Rosh Hashana is also a holiday of hope; I hope that my family who stayed behind in Ukraine will join me this year, and that we will embrace and won’t separate ever again.”

The organization has helped Jews who had been displaced by providing them with food, medicine, and critical equipment using emergency grants worth $18 million.

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