Israeli Startup’s Drones Deliver Food Within Five Minutes to US Homes

The Fellowship  |  December 8, 2021

A drone flying in a blue sky for a security demonstration.
(Photo: IFCJ)

The Algemeiner reports on how one Israeli engineer is starting up a delivery drone service to drop off everything from hot meals to household essential items to US homes:

An Israeli engineer who set out to land an unmanned spaceship on the moon is now seeking to spearhead aerial drone deliveries of food and other goods to American suburbs.

Yariv Bash is the co-founder of SpaceIL — a non-profit that is on course to make its second attempt at an unmanned moon landing in 2024 — and CEO of drone delivery startup Flytrex…

 “We are focusing on short range, high volume, and ultra-affordable drone deliveries to suburbs — that’s what we do. We have been delivering eggs, hot coffee, hot sandwiches, ice cream, and it works,” Bash told The Algemeiner in an interview on Sunday.

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