Israeli Research Suggests New Path to Predict and Prevent Cancer Relapses

The Fellowship  |  August 12, 2021

Tel Aviv University's campus landscape during the day.
Tel Aviv University campus landscape (Photo: ASHERNET 2014)

Israeli researchers constantly discover new ways to advance the medical field. Recently, Tel Aviv University researchers say that they might have discovered early warning signs in lungs for breast cancer relapse, reports the Times of Israel:

Israeli scientists say they may have found a new way to predict when cancer patients are poised for a relapse, and develop treatments to avert it.

Tel Aviv University researchers identified a specific pattern of changes in lung tissue that tends to appear before breast cancer patients in remission see the disease metastasize, or spread, to another part of the body.

“We’ve recorded the earliest changes ever seen in the body that enable breast cancer cells to bring about metastasis,” lead researcher Prof. Neta Erez, head of pathology at Tel Aviv University, told The Times of Israel, explaining that she believes the changes set off a domino effect that causes the metastasis.

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