Israeli Astronaut Prepares for Space Mission

The Fellowship  |  April 5, 2022

A man giving a speech to a crowd while an Israeli flag is behind him.
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Mark Neyman / Government Press Office (Israel))

There is a lot of global excitement ahead of the first private-manned astronaut mission to space on Wednesday by AxiomSpace with Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe set to be onboard, reports The Algemeiner:

And the focus for now has mainly been on the 35 experiments engineered by Israeli startups and research universities who will get a chance to have their technology tested in space.

“I’m ready to fly,” Stibbe told CTech in an exclusive interview. “We’ve been focused on what we plan on doing aboard the space station. We’ll have to make many adjustments in zero gravity conditions. We sat down with experienced astronauts who taught us how to carry out experiments in space – where objects float around. Each task is quite a complex procedure.”

The work, he noted, is purely scientific but he also plans on giving lectures in Hebrew to Israeli schoolchildren in physics, such as how fluids perform in gravity. “Everything works differently in space,” he added. Another focus for Stibbe will be Earth conservation methods. “Earth is our very own spaceship and needs to be protected. I believe that sustainability is crucial. The space station is an amazing model in that aspect: we recycle water, everything is powered by solar energy, we grow plants sustainably, and produce calorie-efficient food.”

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