Israel Successfully Launches Ofek 16 Spy Satellite Into Space

The Fellowship  |  July 7, 2020

Satellite launch taking off during the middle of the night.

Early Monday morning, the Holy Land launched the Ofek 16 satellite into space, where it will be able to monitor threats to Israel. The Jerusalem Post tells us more about this inspiring achievement:

Defense Minister Benny Gantz hailed the successful launch, saying it’s another extraordinary achievement for the defense establishment, for the defense industries as a whole, and for Israel Aerospace Industries in particular – and that “technological superiority and intelligence capabilities are essential to the security of the State of Israel.”

“We will continue to strengthen and maintain Israel’s capabilities on every front, in every place,” Gantz added…

Following the launch, the satellite began to orbit the Earth and to transmit data. Defense Ministry and IAI engineers have started a series of pre-planned tests to determine the propriety and performance level of the satellite before it begins its full operational activities.