Israel Startup Donates Masks with Antiviral Tech to Healthcare Workers

The Fellowship  |  March 17, 2020

vulnerable elderly person holding hands with an Israel startup healthcare worker
elderly hands

With the spread of the coronavirus across the globe, our healthcare workers are at the greatest risk of getting sick. Thankfully, in these uncertain times, we can trust that Israeli innovators are working toward solutions to help the entire healthcare community. NoCamels reports that Israel startup Sonovia Ltd will donate protective masks to healthcare professionals and patients. We are so proud of the startup nation for showing kindness to these healthcare heroes who are taking care of the most vulnerable!

NoCamels tells us more:

Israeli startup Sonovia Ltd., a company developing novel technology for an anti-pathogen fabric, announced on Sunday that it would be donating thousands of face masks treated with its tech to healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus, as well as vulnerable citizens.

The masks will be available for distribution to service workers and citizens-at-risk within a week, Sonovia scientist Dr. Jason Migdal told NoCamels.

Israel has been one of the nations at the forefront of curtailing the virus’ movement and Israel startups and innovators keep working to help the most vulnerable.